Monday, July 13, 2009


"We don't need more Hindus, more Christians, more Muslims;

we need more Buddhas, more Jesuses, more Krishnas--the

real ones. Live ones. That is when true change will happen.

And that potential is innate in every human being."

"If one is totally rooted in the physical nature, one

identifies with limited things and feels insufficient. As a

result, you begin to accumulate material things. It is the

nature of the mind to accumulate. When the mind is

gross, it wants to accumulate material things. When it

becomes a little more evolved, it wants to accumulate

knowledge. When our emotions become dominant, the

mind wants to accumulate people. The mind is a gatherer,

always wanting to gather something. When a person

starts thinking or believing he is on a spiritual path, then

the mind starts accumulating so-called spiritual wisdom.

Maybe it starts gathering the guru's words. But whatever

it gathers, until one goes beyond the need to accumulate,

whether it is food or things or people or knowledge or

wisdom, it does not matter what you accumulate; the

need to accumulate means there is an insufficiency. This

insufficiency, this feeling of being insufficient, has

entered into this unbounded being only because some-

where you got identified with limited things that you are


If one brings sufficient awareness, and above all, a

constant sadhana (spiritual practice) into his or her life,

the vessel slowly becomes totally empty. Awareness emp-

ties the vessel. Sadhana cleanses the vessel. When these

two aspects are sustained for a sufficiently long period,

then your vessel becomes empty. Only when this empti-

ness arises does grace descend upon you. Without grace

nobody really gets anywhere. For you to experience grace

you have to become empty; your vessel has to become

totally empty.

"If you do not experience the grace, if you do not

make yourself receptive to the grace, if you do not empty

yourself in order to bear the grace, then the spiritual path

is something that needs to be pursued for many, many

lifetimes. But if you become empty enough for grace to

descend, the ultimate nature is not far away. It is here to

be experienced. It is here to be realized. It is going 

beyond all dimensions of existence into the exalted state.

It is not tomorrow; not another lifetime. It becomes a

living reality," he said.  

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